MVC in .Net

Spent the evening with Cenk at the VBUG evening in London. It was at the offices of the Anteo group, who are a staffing agency. They gave a quick rundown on getting a new job in the current climate. Everything is drying up so take advantage of any training opportuities, C# and .NET is still buoyant and keep the skills up to date was the message.

Bem Gmedouye gave a talk on the Microsoft MVC framework.

He’s ex LBi, who I recently spoke to about PureMVC. A bit different here as this one is the .Net based framework from Microsoft. Bem claimed to have the first MVC (Microsoft) based web site up and running at the Morning Advertiser. The framework is using lambda functions in the View and the Spring.Net expressions in the Controller to give strongly typed View data, rather than using dictionary methods. jQuery is used for validation methods.

Morning Advertiser
Morning Advertiser

The final framework is available at and was used to give the content management structure of the Morning Advertiser site. Looked as though it worked well and is woth investigation. The site looks clean and flexible.


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