Microsoft Mix10 Day 1 keynotes

Spent an interesting afternoon with Microsoft at the Delfina bistro near London Bridge (friendly atmosphere, good food) watching the highlights of the MIX10 day 1 keynote and then the live day 2 keynote with Scott Guthrie. Microsoft seem keen to push the new development software versions; there ae plenty of new features and much to learn….after the task of learning, we are promised that it will be much easier! There were certainly a large number of features that have been added or updated and I will be at the front of the download queue to try Visual Studio 2010. The main concern was that I noticed a few days ago, that we should wait for the full release if we are developing in Silverlight; the latest Silverlight facilities are not in the core download.
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Curious maps on the new i7 processor

I had a job last week to build a new machine for Pro-Active, near Bath. Their Curious Maps system hard drive had crashed. It was around ten years old, so good value for the old PVR graphics card in it. Would probably still work but we’d had to chip off the dust inside. They asked me to put together a new system, so I held off a week until the i7s came out. It had to produce a full digital video and key signal, live to the mixer so we looked at the AJA cards. I did think about Blackmagic, and some people swear by them, but I didn’t want to risk it. In the end we put in a card we knew had the power, the AJA Xena 2K card which would give us all resolutions up to 2k. It will be great for the Curious Maps system they have, at normal D1 resolution, but will cope with HD when they get the higher end jobs.
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Flash Forward Video

These are just some quick notes on Lisa Larson’s talk at the Flash Forward event in September. She has been playing around with Flash Media Server for the last few versions and was showing some of the new stuff in version 3.

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