Flash Builder tips from Mike Lively

I came across some of Mike’s videos last week. He’s very easy to listen to and I would recommend listening to these videos if you’re into Flash Builder, objects and classes, away3D etc.

Flash Builder shortcuts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0J-ZcXUIQU is just a quick video for beginners,

Hold Ctrl over a reference, it will be highlighted, click to go to definition
Alt + down arrow, move selected code
Ctrl + Alt + down arrow, duplicate selected code

Mike has done many videos, Java, Flash CS5, Papervision, Mate, SQL Server, PHP, Second Life, Facebook…lots of videos! Currently looking at Flash Builder, SQL Server, Google Apps, Android, mobiles. The videos are well produced and he is easy to follow.

Mentions Christophe Coenraets Android w Burrito on the Adobe Dev Connection site. Android is on my peripheral vision, but the article looks useful nevertheless.

I thought I just promote his channel a little, http://www.youtube.com/user/mikenku. Thanks Mike; good luck with the non-profit.

Fusion 6 day with Matt Leonard

Spent a day and a half looking at the new release of Eyeon Fusion with Matt Leonard of SphereVFX. Nigel Richards of the distributor FocusFX arranged some tuition and Framestore donated their training room. Matt has been looking at Fusion betas for a while and has good experience of the Nuke package, so he was able to give a balanced answer to most questions that came up. He doesn’t know the scripting side of things that well, but showed everything else I wanted to see. The new 3D and GPU render effects are fantastic with multi layer rendering, normal map handling and the stereo facilities look interesting.
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