Ventuz with new version, new strategy

Ventuz have finally unveiled their new version of software. That page with the graphic of a blanket covering the box seems to have been there for such a long time. Better text output, better textures, better performance; in common with other packages they are taking Collada models for flexibility (These are the models that Google and Adobe are taking into their software). The main pricing change is that there is now an Express version of the software that is free for both design use and for playback. This could make it a bargain for doing simple presentations on normal PC screens or projectors.
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Ventuz Learning edition

Just heard that Ventuz has brought out a “Learning edition” of their software. This is good news. Peviously the Professional version was available for download but limited to 30 days licence. This new edition will simply have a watermark logo stamped on to the output screen. Because it has no time limits, it allows programmers like us to spend longer developing interfaces for it and being the Professional edition, it has all the bells and whistles.

Good for them.

Ventuz logo

Ideas of Ventuz

Another busy day….but enough time to have a look at Ventuz. They have a neat piece of model/animation building software that looks a bit like Everest/Viz. However, it uses DirectX so that it can run on a cheap PC. Could be good for some presentations. Might even try to get it working with a football xml feed. Looks as thought it might work quite easily. Quite complex so another week or two to get anything sensible out of it. It suports shaders, bum maps and all the other goodies in DirectX 9. Some nice pics. It will render bigger than HD, over several screens – perhaps we could use it on the video wall? Should look to see if we can licence a cheap desktop version, attach to the xml, this should get a few SkySports viewers. Then we just have to stream ad’s through to make some revenue. Perhaps they might pay for the service with a mobile call. Could we add some extra data, via Opta, that could be used to personalise the stats available. Live feed of results etc. Later could add live stream of goals or highlights. Lets put a page up on happytuesdays sportConsole zeeScore??( edit already taken.) See how many hits we could get. Need to get a link from Sky or Beeb. Perhaps ProActive could help somehow. We could extend it to their sports. Perhaps stream their video as a test. Enough for now.