Kontact touch screen plugins for VizRT

I’ve been working on software for touch screens recently. We’ve created a variety of systems that have been automated for the production teams to drive, with a series of C# web services through IIS, a set of javascript scripted web pages and the graphics produced from VizRT. Normally we would have had to script much of the interaction using Viz’s fairly primitive version of vbScript which has little in the way of modern development tools. What has helped has been the use of a TUIO gateway and and a set of plugins from Pete Lane at Kenziko. Their Kontact suite of plugins allow very easy interaction to be used by a Viz designer; a lot of the interaction can be done without any scripting at all. I’ve been putting together some documentation for them, which they should have available by now.
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Monday Night Football at Sky

The new football season brought with it a new set for the Monday Night Football studio on Sky Sports. Lots of changes…new projection screens, touch table for the clips and telestration, touch screen for Andy Gray and iPad for Richard Keys. Lots of new lighting effects, scrolling LEDs and wifi meant a busy week or two for us beforehand.

With the usual VizRT systems in place to show the team formations, we could add on the ability to drive the scene over WiFi from an iPad. It seems to be the trendy thing to have at the moment. Many of the execs are wandering around with them, almost actively looking for an application. It’s good for us, as it brings a little budget and a whole lot more excitement into the team. It was a little nerve wracking watching someone press the button live on air, but it worked a treat. We should be confident. All our football systems are preparing the data; stats guy chooses the team as usual; save the player names to the web site. The iPad app to load the teams and give the interface was the only part that was new. Pete Lane is with us doing the touch screen work. He was able to knock out the app, which then interfaced to our Viz command system to send actions to the scene.

Cinder – a new C++ cross platform framework

I’ve been playing with a new framework that allows building of graphics applications for Windows, Mac and iPhone. It has a similar feel to the openFrameworks framework, being aimed at graphics and animation. There are similar libraries to make it easy for the programmer to drive, 3D, sound, image processing etc. Some parts of it seem quite familiar; the event framework has the setup, update and draw stubs.

Recently added the iPhone touch handlers and so, after playing with the same thing in OpenFrameworks, I thought it would be a good idea to test out this library. A lot of the images similarly arty. They are also inspirational, with some excellent particle systems being produced. The following image shows an example.

I thought that I would try the new WordPress iPad app to add this story. Let’s see how it turns out. I hope to see the pictures at the end; you can’t put them into the page in the normal way. I couldn’t seem to delete from the list, so I had both original grab and cropped version. After publishing though the pictures were inserted and my story had HTML tags. I could simply cut the unwanted code from my post.

More detail on Cinder from libcinder.org The WordPress app saw that I wanted to put in a link, after typing http, and popped up a little link builder form. This still tried to put spaces into the link with it’s spell corrector, but apart from that, worked OK.