devdays with Carsonified and StackOverflow

Had a pleasant day looking at a few different languages at Kensington Town Hall again. Organized by Carsonified and StackOverflow, so sounded interesting and Darren Kenny offered me his ticket, so too good to miss really. I did sit there at one point, thinking that I should really be doing some work instead of hearing about languages that I haven’t enough time and energy for, but overall it was quite an inspirational day.
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MVC in .Net

Spent the evening with Cenk at the VBUG evening in London. It was at the offices of the Anteo group, who are a staffing agency. They gave a quick rundown on getting a new job in the current climate. Everything is drying up so take advantage of any training opportuities, C# and .NET is still buoyant and keep the skills up to date was the message.

Bem Gmedouye gave a talk on the Microsoft MVC framework.
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