StreamingMedia show

I went down to the Streaming Media show at the end of last week. It was interesting and I think I learnt a few things. Not a big show, but it will be putting some of its talks up on video streams, so I thought that I’d add some links here to help anyone else looking for info.
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Joost TV beta

Had a look at the Joost video system today. It is very impressive. The features on the site are easy enough for my Mum to control. Nice big controls, with an obvious use for each. I clicked very confidently around without crashing the system. The video played without interruption even on my slower system. Loved the design. Nice lightweight see through controls that may be switched off, or that disappear if not used. Almost TV like really. There is content on there and by all accounts there are people waiting to add more. We shall see how it goes as they expand the beta test group. Given the people behind them and having read some of the blogs, I can see that there are some experienced web techies behind it. Looked really good to me as a video player. It has widgets too…must be modern!

As for the supporting side of the site, it was a bit more of a mess. The forums were as basic as any I can remember. Having looked at the sprawling mess of message topics it appeared that they didn’t use to have a search box for the forum entries. It must have been impossible for people to find out whether they were commenting on a feature that had been talked out. I hardly dared make a comment, just waiting for the flame to tell me to read entry number 36527. Strange for a programmers’ site not to have something straightforward like phpBB or similar software, even it it were on a separate site. I’m not one to talk, but these guys are planning for a few thousand more comments than I expect from my coding. I’m sure that it will come. The video takes priority and that has definitely worked.

Just one word of caution. The system still transfers large amounts of data while minimised.They will change this in a future version, but at the moment you could max out your monthly bandwidth very quickly. To avoid having to go into the system tray to close the app, use the control key when clicking on the Close icon and the app will disappear completely.

Well done them, tho’. Let’s have an API now, so that we can get involved. We shall see what the competition come up with.