Using the C# httpServer with raised events

I am writing some applications at the moment which require a lot of data gathering and there are a number of people at the events who want to be able to see this data while it is being collected. I have TCP socket connections for the main data collection and these pass their data to a central server. In order to avoid having to create further clients to access the collected data, I decided to run a small web server as part of the central server and just create web pages to view the data. Other people would then be able to edit and style these pages without any interference from me. As it happens there were no others available, so the users had to put up with my web design.

I made a class based around the MSDN sample and comments, but wanted to extend it in two ways; firstly, I needed to be able serve up the full gamut of binary files for any of the image types in the documents; secondly, I wanted to allow a command to be sent to the hosting application, via an http command. I added an event handler to do this. This would then decouple any application logic from being involved on the web side. I can also use it to report unknown file requests.

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Mix 2011

The keynote this year was interesting for what was not spoken about. Lots of talk in the main keynote but nothing about Silverlight. All the talk is about HTML5 and the speed of the new IE9 browser. On the Second day’s keynote, they talked about Win7 mobiles and then Scott showed that he has been moved into the critical area of IE9. It shows that Microsoft are showing that the critical arena for competition is more on the web platform over the coming year.

Time to look at some more Javascript, I think. CSS video should be interesting. jQuery should only become more popular.

More later…

MIX10 Day 2 keynote

The MIX10 keynote on day 2 starred Scott Guthrie, as usual, and brough more information about how Microsoft are standardising the web (lol!) with HTML5, CSS3 and Internet Explorer 9. They have a new renderer which is more compliant; it scored 55/100 in the Acid3 test. The renderer is able to use much more of the gpu to do the rendering, so speed looks really good, even when doing 3D functions. IE9 has a lot of the functionality of the popular plugins for Firefox; developers can see the network traffic and speed, the javascript is available to view and edit. Microsoft seem to be getting further into jQuery, which is another bonus. It all looks good from the users point of view.
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devdays with Carsonified and StackOverflow

Had a pleasant day looking at a few different languages at Kensington Town Hall again. Organized by Carsonified and StackOverflow, so sounded interesting and Darren Kenny offered me his ticket, so too good to miss really. I did sit there at one point, thinking that I should really be doing some work instead of hearing about languages that I haven’t enough time and energy for, but overall it was quite an inspirational day.
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