Augmented reality conference

This was an Augmented reality event arranged by Lester Madden of the augmentedplanet blog. Sorry about the following being so scrappy. I haven’t had time to much more than copy my notes to the post. Didn’t want to lose them, but they won’t mean much to anyone out there. Maybe the links will be useful. There’s a lot happening in this space, but I’m not sure how useful it will be until it becomes a lot easier to use. Implementing the technical side is getting easier; the phone side of things is more difficult for anyone other than a dedicatedAR geek. I was taken most by the demo from the guy using Unity3D. All built in, so easy to produce.

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Microsoft Mix10 Day 1 keynotes

Spent an interesting afternoon with Microsoft at the Delfina bistro near London Bridge (friendly atmosphere, good food) watching the highlights of the MIX10 day 1 keynote and then the live day 2 keynote with Scott Guthrie. Microsoft seem keen to push the new development software versions; there ae plenty of new features and much to learn….after the task of learning, we are promised that it will be much easier! There were certainly a large number of features that have been added or updated and I will be at the front of the download queue to try Visual Studio 2010. The main concern was that I noticed a few days ago, that we should wait for the full release if we are developing in Silverlight; the latest Silverlight facilities are not in the core download.
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