Mix 2011

The keynote this year was interesting for what was not spoken about. Lots of talk in the main keynote but nothing about Silverlight. All the talk is about HTML5 and the speed of the new IE9 browser. On the Second day’s keynote, they talked about Win7 mobiles and then Scott showed that he has been moved into the critical area of IE9. It shows that Microsoft are showing that the critical arena for competition is more on the web platform over the coming year.

Time to look at some more Javascript, I think. CSS video should be interesting. jQuery should only become more popular.

More later…

MIX10 Day 2 keynote

The MIX10 keynote on day 2 starred Scott Guthrie, as usual, and brough more information about how Microsoft are standardising the web (lol!) with HTML5, CSS3 and Internet Explorer 9. They have a new renderer which is more compliant; it scored 55/100 in the Acid3 test. The renderer is able to use much more of the gpu to do the rendering, so speed looks really good, even when doing 3D functions. IE9 has a lot of the functionality of the popular plugins for Firefox; developers can see the network traffic and speed, the javascript is available to view and edit. Microsoft seem to be getting further into jQuery, which is another bonus. It all looks good from the users point of view.
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Microsoft Mix10 Day 1 keynotes

Spent an interesting afternoon with Microsoft at the Delfina bistro near London Bridge (friendly atmosphere, good food) watching the highlights of the MIX10 day 1 keynote and then the live day 2 keynote with Scott Guthrie. Microsoft seem keen to push the new development software versions; there ae plenty of new features and much to learn….after the task of learning, we are promised that it will be much easier! There were certainly a large number of features that have been added or updated and I will be at the front of the download queue to try Visual Studio 2010. The main concern was that I noticed a few days ago, that we should wait for the full release if we are developing in Silverlight; the latest Silverlight facilities are not in the core download.
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Some notes on Microsoft dev at PDC09

I decided to watch the live PDC09 keynote by spending my evening with other similarly minded developers. Microsfot had invited us down to the Delfina restaurant at London Bridge to watch it socially, with a beer and a chat. Apart from a few issues with not being able to see content designated as US-only (why would they use that for an international presentation?) the evening was full of wonderment as the new version of software were discussed, Windows 7 of course, Silverlight, the web tools and Visual Studio.

Food and atmosphere was good as well. Recommend trying it.
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XBox pushes the boundaries at Microsoft E3

A host of new XBox titles at E3 this week. Most surprising for me was the first. Beatles Rockband. What were the politics involved in bringing Apple Corps to the table to produce this. Did they just do it for the money, or do they think that the time is right for the XBox to become more of a central media centre. It was certainly done one hundered and ten percent, with appearances from Olivia and Yoko, then Paul and Ringo who were allowed the luxury of talking. I wasn’t too impressed by Sir Paul and his chewing gum. Sometimes that man has no style.
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Developmentor day from PDC

Took a day our to listen to what Developmentor thought was important at the Microsoft PDC event in the USA. Richard Blewitt and Dominick Baier took us through some interesting aspects but I’m not sure whether they are relevant to me, or will be the same when they finally get past the alpha stage. They talked about Workflow4, MS Identity, Windows Azure – cloud computing and Oslo – the model driven editor.
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Surface control

Microsoft has announced some of the technology from its Surface Computing Group. It is a screen with multiple sensors so that it can be touched by fingers from both hands or even by more than one person at the same time. I love this sort of technology. I’m sure it will spread quickly into all sorts of environments. Apple were talked about possibly having similar features on the iPhone. Strange that both Pete Thompson and Mark Bolger are from T-Mobile. Continue reading “Surface control”