Chyron and Lyric update

I had a lightning tour of the new version of Lyric software for the Chyron character generator last week, from Kristy Weir and Dave Wade. It’s an impressive box with a lot of functionality that most users might never see. We’re looking at its use in a News environment, with many different types of graphics to handle. It needs to be comprehensive, but still easy to automate and operate. The Lyric software tries to cover both 2D and 3D environments and copes pretty well, but there will be times when the combination of 2D and 3D will become complicated.
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Aston 7 character generator

Had a look at the new Aston 7 machine. It has created a useful interface and is being used for some real work now. The Aston team have wrapped the Brainstorm 3D engine with an interface that reflects the older Aston interface which was quick and simple for operators. It doesn’t expose all the functionality in Brainstorm, but tries to give a regular interface that previous Aston operators will find comfortable. These are just a few comments that I took down during the demo and it doesn’t claim to be comprehensive.
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