XBox controller with C#

Just testing the interface with an XBox controller for the a Boxing punch counter app, so these are a few notes of what I’m using.

Main drivers for the XBox controller are downloaded from the Microsoft site, I used the 32 bit version with Windows XP and I tested with the wireless version. Under another test with Windows 7, the drivers updated automatically when the wifi section was plugged into the USB port.

I looked at some examples and decided to use the SlimDX open source C# interface, rather than a full XNA library. It’s lightweight and we don’t need all the 3D facilities of the full XNA sdk. We’ll start with that and see how it goes. The SDK details are here, and it may be downloaded here, Runtime for .NET 2.0 28September 2011%29.msi This needs to be installed. It’s a .msi file. They may be producing an update for .Net 4.0 soon, so keep a check.

This is a simple example that works from this guy,

XBox pushes the boundaries at Microsoft E3

A host of new XBox titles at E3 this week. Most surprising for me was the first. Beatles Rockband. What were the politics involved in bringing Apple Corps to the table to produce this. Did they just do it for the money, or do they think that the time is right for the XBox to become more of a central media centre. It was certainly done one hundered and ten percent, with appearances from Olivia and Yoko, then Paul and Ringo who were allowed the luxury of talking. I wasn’t too impressed by Sir Paul and his chewing gum. Sometimes that man has no style.
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