A test with 3D on the Playbook

I decided to have a quick test of the webGL abilities of the Playbook. I have played with the Copperlight software in the past and that showed some promise with its javascript interface to 3D. It has a handy modeller GUI as well. Sadly the webkit browset in the simulator didn’t support webGL. So I moved back to Away3D which I’ve been comfortable with in the past. I’d try Unity, but it would cost some money to do it (unless I could use the 30 day trial? maybe later – they announced their Unity to Flash translator today – so no plugin to download. Must try that).
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WebWorks webinars

Listen to the 4 webinars, byt Adam Stanley and Prosanta Bhattacherjee; they will be useful. I shall summarize here for reference.
http://webcast.streamlogics.com/audience/index.asp?eventid=49950807 Many of the answers are on the developer site and in forums. I’m just leaving some notes here to help address specific points and show some of the times within the seminars.

Main developer site is http://us.blackberry.com/developers/tablet/webworks.jsp

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Blackberry Playbook

Went to a big discussion around the Playbook today. It was put on by the Blackberry and Adobe groups and gave a feeling of a strong entrance into the field by this device. It has some good features and with the Adobe Air runtime almost built in to the operating system, it should provide Flex and Flash developers the tools to produce some applications quite quickly. There are also advantages in doing this as, if you can get an app approved in their app store before mid March, the developer will get a free device. All the big guns were there, MDs from both companies and they had the stats to show that Blackberry had the top market share in smart phone and imply that they would carry this on into tablet devices.
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