Kontact touch screen plugins for VizRT

I’ve been working on software for touch screens recently. We’ve created a variety of systems that have been automated for the production teams to drive, with a series of C# web services through IIS, a set of javascript scripted web pages and the graphics produced from VizRT. Normally we would have had to script much of the interaction using Viz’s fairly primitive version of vbScript which has little in the way of modern development tools. What has helped has been the use of a TUIO gateway and and a set of plugins from Pete Lane at Kenziko. Their Kontact suite of plugins allow very easy interaction to be used by a Viz designer; a lot of the interaction can be done without any scripting at all. I’ve been putting together some documentation for them, which they should have available by now.
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Microsoft Surface tests

I had one of these awesome boxes to play with this week. The Surface is Microsoft’s multi touch display table. It runs on Windows Vista Business OS and we can develop in a normal Visual Studio environment using C#. In our case, we wanted to look at ideas for use of the table by television presenters, so we looked at a few interactive ideas and the connectivity of the box.
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Surface control

Microsoft has announced some of the technology from its Surface Computing Group. It is a screen with multiple sensors so that it can be touched by fingers from both hands or even by more than one person at the same time. I love this sort of technology. I’m sure it will spread quickly into all sorts of environments. Apple were talked about possibly having similar features on the iPhone. Strange that both Pete Thompson and Mark Bolger are from T-Mobile. Continue reading “Surface control”