Vanessa Upton in Tales of Midnight BBC clip

I see that Francis managed to get a clip of Midnight onto the Desi channel of the BBC. Well done him. He was mentioned in the same sentence as Richard Branson of Virgin, with the idea that Virgin was trying to catch up! Something positive should come from this excellent publicity. Maybe we’ll get to do some of the animation when he gets some budget. The link below is to the original story and the video on metacafe. Do have a look.

BBC TV news about Richard Branson launching Virgin Comics with interviews with some of the most influential new players in the comic book industry including FRANCIS LEE the creator of TALES OF MIDNIGHT who shows a preview of his CG animation in the documentary with VANESSA UPTON featuring on the global broadband channel WWW.BEYONDSTARLIGHT.TV

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Midnight fan site

We adapted the Midnight shop site to be more like a fan site. Francis Lee decided to go another way with the shop and he made instant decision to use whoever offered to do it for nothing. Not sure that I’m impressed by the result, but let’s see what results they get.

We devceloped the template for the version 1.0.10 of the Joomla Content Management system. It took quite a while in the end, because we wanted a particular effect. Based on a template from ….(?) I took that apart and resized, made it float in the centre and chaged the graphics to suit Midnight. Looked quite good but took a little while to load the first time, perhaps because it is made up of so many parts. We should try preloading some of the images to get the whole set displaying at the same time.

Not sure that I understand Joomla’s SEO features and I don’t want it any slower so I shall leave it as the default to start with. Have a look at the MidsnightFan site

Tales of Midnight

Tales of Midnight seems to take up an inordinate amount of time this month. It always seems to be something new to learn. DVD production can be fiddly at the best of times. Still, we got out a new DVD version for the show. Also made a Midnight theme for the iPaq. A bit of compression and we can run the promo on the iPaq in landscape mode. Looks pretty good. Adobe Encore took a bit of work. Must upgrade to the latest verson. Not much new but less buggy. The Adobe suite seems to be worth it because of the good integration.