Mix09 and new Microsoft developments

I’ve just been watching what was talked about at the MIX09 show. There’s some inspirational stuff on there, the more so if you are a Microsoft devotee. Even for someone like me, who is open source enabled, it is impressive and will surely bring more power to everyone creating web sites. A lot of the new facilities have been taken from looking at their competitors, but there’s a lot of innovation as well. The competitive thrust of Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and the many Web 2.0 providers is giving us a truly exciting experience. Do go to the site and watch the videos. The keynotes are long but filled with new toys…I hope they arrive soon in a non beta version near you.
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MVC in .Net

Spent the evening with Cenk at the VBUG evening in London. It was at the offices of the Anteo group, who are a staffing agency. They gave a quick rundown on getting a new job in the current climate. Everything is drying up so take advantage of any training opportuities, C# and .NET is still buoyant and keep the skills up to date was the message.

Bem Gmedouye gave a talk on the Microsoft MVC framework.
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Silverlight and the killer whales

I know Orcas didn’t really spring from the Orca the Whale movies, but I think that there will be similar huge momentum behind the marketing for the Silverlight and new Visual Studio tools. The battle for the browser animation has stepped up to the next level. Flash has now got a worthy competitor. Building ASP web pages has grown through the dotNet versions to become a very sophisticated system for the developers. Continue reading “Silverlight and the killer whales”