UK Election maps

We had some maps from our political pundit this week. The guys in News found the first a bit big for reading into Flash, the second had the points mashed up a bit. The same problem that we had a few years ago and when we decided to correct it all manually.

I decided this time to have a look at the Governments Open Data initiative which should give us the map data free. I downloaded from where you can also get map image data and postcode information. Downloaded the Boundary Line ESRI GB data (10/2010), about 270Mb. Also looked at the OS Vector District Map which gave a raster form for each OS square. The point data was huge and with all the errors of the previous dataset so I had a look at the MapPublisher plugin from Avenza to help clean it up.
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I went on a two day course for Unity3D arranged by Tink at the LFPUG. I have been on a couple of these before and can recommend them; they are usually right on topic and at a price that even a freelancer can afford. This one was no different. Bartek Drozdz was over from Sweden to give the course and he took us from nothing to a small game in two days. It was a fast paced event, so I would suggest students have a go with the software and learn some 3D basics before they get here. We had excellent lunches provided at the local pub, and I can recommend the pint of Blond Witch that I washed it down with.
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