Cinder – a new C++ cross platform framework

I’ve been playing with a new framework that allows building of graphics applications for Windows, Mac and iPhone. It has a similar feel to the openFrameworks framework, being aimed at graphics and animation. There are similar libraries to make it easy for the programmer to drive, 3D, sound, image processing etc. Some parts of it seem quite familiar; the event framework has the setup, update and draw stubs.

Recently added the iPhone touch handlers and so, after playing with the same thing in OpenFrameworks, I thought it would be a good idea to test out this library. A lot of the images similarly arty. They are also inspirational, with some excellent particle systems being produced. The following image shows an example.

I thought that I would try the new WordPress iPad app to add this story. Let’s see how it turns out. I hope to see the pictures at the end; you can’t put them into the page in the normal way. I couldn’t seem to delete from the list, so I had both original grab and cropped version. After publishing though the pictures were inserted and my story had HTML tags. I could simply cut the unwanted code from my post.

More detail on Cinder from The WordPress app saw that I wanted to put in a link, after typing http, and popped up a little link builder form. This still tried to put spaces into the link with it’s spell corrector, but apart from that, worked OK.

devdays with Carsonified and StackOverflow

Had a pleasant day looking at a few different languages at Kensington Town Hall again. Organized by Carsonified and StackOverflow, so sounded interesting and Darren Kenny offered me his ticket, so too good to miss really. I did sit there at one point, thinking that I should really be doing some work instead of hearing about languages that I haven’t enough time and energy for, but overall it was quite an inspirational day.
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iPhone attempts

Well I’ve been struggling to read all the developer content that Apple put on their site, about XCode, Objective C, the iPhone internals, touch and multitouch. There is an inordinate amount of material and I was starting to think that it might be too much. I’ve put together one or two small programs that compile; mainly by hand and cut and paste. They seem to work in the simulator.

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