Wasp3D gives a bit of a sting

We’ve had the Wasp3D guys over for a day or two of demos. They’ve been showing us their latest version and demonstrating the touch screen developments. It’s been interesting and they have some new techniques, but the vizRT designers are not convinced by the workflow yet.
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Tales of Midnight

Tales of Midnight seems to take up an inordinate amount of time this month. It always seems to be something new to learn. DVD production can be fiddly at the best of times. Still, we got out a new DVD version for the show. Also made a Midnight theme for the iPaq. A bit of compression and we can run the promo on the iPaq in landscape mode. Looks pretty good. Adobe Encore took a bit of work. Must upgrade to the latest verson. Not much new but less buggy. The Adobe suite seems to be worth it because of the good integration.