MIX10 Day 2 keynote

The MIX10 keynote on day 2 starred Scott Guthrie, as usual, and brough more information about how Microsoft are standardising the web (lol!) with HTML5, CSS3 and Internet Explorer 9. They have a new renderer which is more compliant; it scored 55/100 in the Acid3 test. The renderer is able to use much more of the gpu to do the rendering, so speed looks really good, even when doing 3D functions. IE9 has a lot of the functionality of the popular plugins for Firefox; developers can see the network traffic and speed, the javascript is available to view and edit. Microsoft seem to be getting further into jQuery, which is another bonus. It all looks good from the users point of view.
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Silverlight and the killer whales

I know Orcas didn’t really spring from the Orca the Whale movies, but I think that there will be similar huge momentum behind the marketing for the Silverlight and new Visual Studio tools. The battle for the browser animation has stepped up to the next level. Flash has now got a worthy competitor. Building ASP web pages has grown through the dotNet versions to become a very sophisticated system for the developers. Continue reading “Silverlight and the killer whales”