NAB 2012


Just a few notes about the goings on at the annual Broadcasters’ convention in Las Vegas. This goes on for about a week, which is as much as the body can take of the early mornings, technical chats, free beers at the end of the afternoon, followed by the nightly mad entertainment in town. Not much time for gambling and dancing girls! It’s a bit of a notepad entry this time. I haven’t put the links in yet, so Google what you can or ask me for details.

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BVE, London broadcast TV show

The annual exhibition for broadcast television production took place at Earl’s Court this week. I only had time to skip around a few of the old faces and ask questions of the people who might solve my current problems. It was full of stereo 3D which I’m luke warm about; my sight is probably not good enough by I don’t think the output is either. The slight exception to that was the stand with the high speed stereo at film resolution. Playing back in slow motion, it was splendid. I was looking at video players and touch screens. There were a few, but mainly the usual names we’ve had before. Nothing startling from the smaller companies. Maybe they don’t find enough business there.
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US Election interactive

I’ve spent the last week or two battling with the vizRT scripting interfaces. We produced a creditable output in the end, but it wasn’t the easiest of jobs. This was the interactive interface on a 100″ Panasonic display that Martin Stanford used on the Sky News election evening. Przemek Pluta did the graphics animation and most of the scripting. I’ve been teaching Przemek how to program and this project seemed to get him into a higher gear. I did the producers interface using Adobe Air which allowed the results to be input and sent to the vizRT machine.
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