iNews web interface

Pete Lane and I had a look at the iNews web interface this week. It’s fairly basic. I think it’s a minimal system to try and give the basic rundown outputs in much the same way as they appear n the iNews system ona PC; very basic, simple and identical to use for a journalist. If we look on the iPad however, the default font is small, the screen is also small, so the user ends up having to scroll around the screen and zoom in to see the text at any sort of useful size.

This image is the same output but styled significantly better. We are now using images to act as buttons to take us up and down the folder hierarchy and we have replaced the fonts to give some sensible sizes for presenters to be able to read while in vision. There are a few areas which mean that we need to do more work on it. The web interface is also used by all our Blackberry and mobile users, so we need to do some browser checking to adjust the styling for each type of user. We also need to test the movement around the folders; it doesn’t give us quite the right links in the interface. The setup in iNews is to allow a web page and a style sheet to be assigned to a particular stream. This web template may have various codes put in there that will then be filled in with links for parent topic etc. THe template is then styled and sent to the iPad. It works quite well, as you can see.

We are busy on the touchscreen work at the moment, but will come back to this. It may be that the SOAP interfaces coming in v3.0 iNews will give us an easier way. As we will be testing this version before Christmas, it might be better to wait until then.

Chyron and Lyric update

I had a lightning tour of the new version of Lyric software for the Chyron character generator last week, from Kristy Weir and Dave Wade. It’s an impressive box with a lot of functionality that most users might never see. We’re looking at its use in a News environment, with many different types of graphics to handle. It needs to be comprehensive, but still easy to automate and operate. The Lyric software tries to cover both 2D and 3D environments and copes pretty well, but there will be times when the combination of 2D and 3D will become complicated.
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