Ping Pong Championships

Returned this year for a repeat of the Ping Pong excitement at Alexandra Palace, but just over two days, so busier than ever. There was also a draw in the middle, to make it more interesting for the players and more work for us. No budget though. We were able to iron out some of the problems in the interface from last time and add a few graphics to make life easier for the operators. Things like the history for a player through the competition,


Also produced a set of data fo Firebase in the cloud and a React.js page to display, live on a web page. Learnt a bit more react and it looked good, so very happy with the result. The full page can be seen at  but these pics show the style of the groups,


and the knockout stages,


Used Trello again to manage the project. Made it a bit easier, since only had to check what we did last time. Clear all the checkboxes and do all the tasks again! Using the automated system to do my burnup, which ended up looking as below,



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