Flash Gamers Summit, San Francisco

Adobe realise that there is now a bunch of money to be made in games and this event shows that they have a strong position in the area with the Flash developer community. Lee Brimelow and Thiery Thimbault gave the key note speech. They seem to have stepped back a little in their position on the relationship between Flash and HTML5. Toward the end of last year the story seemed to be that they were best friends. Now it seems as though Adobe have had some time to think. They listed all the benefits of Flash and some of the problems with HTML5; the standards variation, audio, javascript (that Lee likened to AS1 ?) etc. This does have some truth in it. With Flash about to be made available in new tablets, especially the Playbook which has Air built in, the use of Flash to make games is going to be one of the major tools. There’s a big market there and Adobe is pushing hard to be in the middle of it.
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Flash Builder tips from Mike Lively

I came across some of Mike’s videos last week. He’s very easy to listen to and I would recommend listening to these videos if you’re into Flash Builder, objects and classes, away3D etc.

Flash Builder shortcuts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0J-ZcXUIQU is just a quick video for beginners,

Hold Ctrl over a reference, it will be highlighted, click to go to definition
Alt + down arrow, move selected code
Ctrl + Alt + down arrow, duplicate selected code

Mike has done many videos, Java, Flash CS5, Papervision, Mate, SQL Server, PHP, Second Life, Facebook…lots of videos! Currently looking at Flash Builder, SQL Server, Google Apps, Android, mobiles. The videos are well produced and he is easy to follow.

Mentions Christophe Coenraets Android w Burrito on the Adobe Dev Connection site. Android is on my peripheral vision, but the article looks useful nevertheless.

I thought I just promote his channel a little, http://www.youtube.com/user/mikenku. Thanks Mike; good luck with the non-profit.

Playbook tests

Having a look at the Playbook development using Flash Builder. I had installed on Windows and ran up the VMWare simulator for the Playbook. All seemed to be fine, but then I couldn’t see the Create New Actionscript Mobile Option in the menu, so was a bit stuck. So I thought that I’d check the Mac version. Here, that menu was available, so I decided to give this a try and then ran into the problem of there being no VMWare Player version for the Mac. I decided to try the VMWare Fusion trial to see if it worked, but might try Virtual Box later as that is free. I can’t see other people with the same Windows problem, so when I get back to the office I might reinstall and try that again. (Worked after I uninstalled and installed again! – (edit) but needed to be in a fresh workspace)
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Blackberry Playbook

Went to a big discussion around the Playbook today. It was put on by the Blackberry and Adobe groups and gave a feeling of a strong entrance into the field by this device. It has some good features and with the Adobe Air runtime almost built in to the operating system, it should provide Flex and Flash developers the tools to produce some applications quite quickly. There are also advantages in doing this as, if you can get an app approved in their app store before mid March, the developer will get a free device. All the big guns were there, MDs from both companies and they had the stats to show that Blackberry had the top market share in smart phone and imply that they would carry this on into tablet devices.
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FlashCamp, London

I went over to the Barbican to have a chat about what the major aspects of Adobe Max were; a quick update. I wasn’t sure in the end whether to go, but I’m glad that I did. It gave me a reason to have another look at the Flash Builder update that has just arrived. I have been pushing more Flash free web interfaces since having the iPad and using it to develop interfaces with. It just seems so much cleaner than all that code and project set up in Eclipse, but I was also feeling guilty. I had slipped away from the testing and structure that the Eclipse environment gives and slipped into using the odd bit of notebook or textWrangler to update some of the files. I really need to get back to moving to a path of unit testing and one button deployment with rollback.
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Cold Fusion evening

Decided to get an update on the state of Cold FUsion and Ben Forta was in town to speak. He’s always easy to listen to and there was a free beer in there as well. No contest really. It was held in Tiger, Tiger in the Haymarket as they had a good response to the event. It has an intimate downstairs bar where a few geeky people can hide away.

Cold Fusion hasn’t had an IDE for the last ten years and I was interested to see how App Builder, or Cold Fusion Builder would compare to Flex Builder and Flash Catalyst. It is based around the usual Eclipse IDE which makes it very familiar. The beta has been picked up by quite a few people; about 30% of the folk there had tried it. It’s very easy to use with a local server (developers get a free licence for this) The logs can be monitored easily. It has intellisense built in. The refactoring support is improving but limited at the moment to the main methods and properties of classes; more will arrive soon.
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flashcamp_UK – a fine day out

I went across to see the Flash Camp the other day. Organised by Chester of Emak Mafu (there must be a story behind that name!) and interspersed with Robin and sundry other Adobe types, it was an excellent day out and worth going; new people to meet; lots of ideas; not quite as in depth as the Flex Camp last year but lots of stimulation nevertheless. This is just a quick note to keep some of the memories and the links around for myself and anyone else that might find them useful.
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