Pandora games console and Adobe Flash/Air

I was asked by my son if he could buy another gadget last night. It looks, as they all do, as though it will be much better than anything else in the market. It’s a new games console, but this time open source and promising to have lots of free software. Before saying yes, I thought that Id have a look around to find a bit more about it. It’s the Pandora games console and it’s based around the Arm chip with the same speed as the one in the iPhone. It has the PowerVR chip in it to get OpenGl 2.0 support so that sounds positive.

Whether the processor is up to strength for games is under question.
It looks pretty cool and there seems to be a lot of interest from the Linux world across the forums. I might find it useful if it could run some of the Air apps that I’ve been working on. Back in February it appeared that none of the Adobe evangelists knew anything about getting Flash on to the iPhone, which I would imagine to be a driving force to porting Flash to the Arm chip. However, in June, talking to some New York(?) analysts about financial target, Shantanu Narayen, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe said “With respect to the iPhone, we are working on it. We have a version that’s working on the emulation. This is still on the computer and you know, we have to continue to move it from a test environment onto the device and continue to make it work. So we are pleased with the internal progress that we’ve made to date.” So, something is moving. It still might take some politics to get it to the iPhone, but there may be a release for the Linux guys on a console like this one.
Then yesterday at Flash on the Beach Adobe Senior Director of Engineering Paul Betlem made the announcement, stating “My team is working on Flash on the iPhone, but it’s a closed platform.” More politics to come, but sounds very promising.

Hopefully, with Adobe trying to push it’s Open Screen project it could all come together to give this console a set of development tools that are easy to use; Flex Builder or the free SDK are available for Flash. Listen to Kevin Hoyt, CTO at Adobe give his vision for Open Screen.

Do I sign up for the first batch of machines or do I investigate further…..

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