At the Intel Labs with Edison and node.js


I spent some time at the Intel Labs in Swindon playing around with the new Edison credit card sized PC and the Real Sense camera. The original plan was to produce a motorized platform to carry a camera. Image processing software could then watch for and track the movement to keep it in the center of the camera view. This was perhaps asking to much in the short time we had available in the Intel Labs at Swindon, but this will show what we managed to get working and the thoughts we had for future adaptation.
I was using the Intel Edison Module and Arduino Breakout Board. In addition I added the following items,
2 x Stepper motors, with their driver modules
1 x Joystick, to be used for setting the centre points
1 x push button
1 x LED to show the system had booted correctly.
As you might see from the photographs, the motors are mounted in a speedily built link to hold them 90 degrees to each other; one for horizontal rotation, one to tilt the platform. This was definitely not a production model!

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