Away3d normal map – second attempt

It seems as though I’m trying to work out the odds of all the dice throws. I’ve been going through all the variations in making a normal map to suit my dice in the away3d scene. I’ve eventually succeeded in getting a version that works out of 3dsMax. Harder than I thought it would be, but maybe I should have thought through the maths rather than just guess at the right checkboxes. Continue reading “Away3d normal map – second attempt”

Flying along with Away3d

[Sorry – link not working here, Feb 2011 – I’ll take a look when I can]

Managed to squeeze in some time to practice my 3d in Flash. I put together an example of an aeroplane on a flight path. It forms the basis of what might be done if we were to get the job of taking positional data from an aerobatic plane and putting it into Flash for some interactive experience. The company that I was talking to have put sensors in the planes to give back data such as position, speed, rotation in space, G forces etc We might have a go a taking these in live to a Flash based browser system.
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Pandora games console and Adobe Flash/Air

I was asked by my son if he could buy another gadget last night. It looks, as they all do, as though it will be much better than anything else in the market. It’s a new games console, but this time open source and promising to have lots of free software. Before saying yes, I thought that Id have a look around to find a bit more about it. It’s the Pandora games console and it’s based around the Arm chip with the same speed as the one in the iPhone. It has the PowerVR chip in it to get OpenGl 2.0 support so that sounds positive.
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Flash Forward Video

These are just some quick notes on Lisa Larson’s talk at the Flash Forward event in September. She has been playing around with Flash Media Server for the last few versions and was showing some of the new stuff in version 3.

 The main gist of the talk gave some of the benefits of using FMS3 and showed how interactive apps could be set up quite easily. Continue reading “Flash Forward Video”