NAB 2012


Just a few notes about the goings on at the annual Broadcasters’ convention in Las Vegas. This goes on for about a week, which is as much as the body can take of the early mornings, technical chats, free beers at the end of the afternoon, followed by the nightly mad entertainment in town. Not much time for gambling and dancing girls! It’s a bit of a notepad entry this time. I haven’t put the links in yet, so Google what you can or ask me for details.

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A resolution to improve my Greek….again

Every few years I resolve to go and see my friends in Greece again, and of course I need to be able to speak to them and their friends. Each year I struggle to learn a few more words and remember a bit more grammar; I’ve seen most of the books and tried most of the systems, but it takes real effort to get any progress. My brain isn’t the correct shape for language training! Perhaps by making it more public, it will become more of a commitment. I doubt it, but at least I’ll leave some things here that may help other make some progress. I’ve put some of the word lists here in a format usable by Anki, the latest application that I’m using to learn words with. It’s free for most formats, but is worth a donation. This year I’m going o start with the lessons and then go back to the Hellenic American Union scripts which are more of a challenge. They are podcasts and are easy to use. Kypros-Net should do the same with their audio.
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Panasonic 152″ 4k screen

I was lucky to have an hour or two away from my desk to go and see this little beauty. I visited the Panasonic demo rooms at Pinewood with Liam Norris from PSCo who move it around the country. This screen would have to be my choice for the next TV in the back room. I can’t wait to do some demos on there; at a resolution of 4k x 2k it should make the graphics look great.

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Augmented reality conference

This was an Augmented reality event arranged by Lester Madden of the augmentedplanet blog. Sorry about the following being so scrappy. I haven’t had time to much more than copy my notes to the post. Didn’t want to lose them, but they won’t mean much to anyone out there. Maybe the links will be useful. There’s a lot happening in this space, but I’m not sure how useful it will be until it becomes a lot easier to use. Implementing the technical side is getting easier; the phone side of things is more difficult for anyone other than a dedicatedAR geek. I was taken most by the demo from the guy using Unity3D. All built in, so easy to produce.

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GoogleIO conference with Arduino

Interesting tio see what the direction that Google is going. Lots of Android with the upcoming Honeycomb tablet version, but not much TV this year. They have been pressured by the networks, who are not too keen to give them any access to their content. Samsung and SMART TV will still have some sort of chance of survival in this case.

Chrome box looks good. If that has a decent graphics hardware base, we could find it cheap enough for connected screen displays.

One thing that I found really interesting, (but not sure how practical) was the android accessory development kit. It’s based on an Arduino, which I’ve been playing around with using node.js. I’ve not had the time to do much more than the usual Hello World of blinking lights, but it should give a real boost to the Arduino guys. Well done to them for all their efforts.

All the usual videos are here,

BVE, London broadcast TV show

The annual exhibition for broadcast television production took place at Earl’s Court this week. I only had time to skip around a few of the old faces and ask questions of the people who might solve my current problems. It was full of stereo 3D which I’m luke warm about; my sight is probably not good enough by I don’t think the output is either. The slight exception to that was the stand with the high speed stereo at film resolution. Playing back in slow motion, it was splendid. I was looking at video players and touch screens. There were a few, but mainly the usual names we’ve had before. Nothing startling from the smaller companies. Maybe they don’t find enough business there.
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Blackberry WebWorks SDK

Having installed Flash Builder and the Blackberry SDks, and built a simple Hello World, I decided to look at the simpler WebWorks development tools to see if Javascript development would be as easy to use. I’m more into javascript, jQuery etc nowaday, so it might just be more convenient.

The WebWorks SDK can be found at The Air SDK from is just a zip file that you can place anywhere convenient. Version 2.5 is needed; as we speak they are testing 2.6.
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