Augmented reality conference

This was an Augmented reality event arranged by Lester Madden of the augmentedplanet blog. Sorry about the following being so scrappy. I haven’t had time to much more than copy my notes to the post. Didn’t want to lose them, but they won’t mean much to anyone out there. Maybe the links will be useful. There’s a lot happening in this space, but I’m not sure how useful it will be until it becomes a lot easier to use. Implementing the technical side is getting easier; the phone side of things is more difficult for anyone other than a dedicatedAR geek. I was taken most by the demo from the guy using Unity3D. All built in, so easy to produce.

Qr codes, fiducial markers on their way out; marker less on the way in
Image markers, facial recognition this year (maybe in iPhone5) and next year, object recognition later
eg google goggles on a wine bottle
Showed some translation systems

Martin Lechner, mobilizy, wikitude browser
Now installed on blackberry
In Lg in real 3d
Producing wikitude architect to Produce app without coding, just scripting No ARML
6 JavaScript classes to do the interaction
Location based services used every day by 10%, but 94% think valuable
95% look for local info, 88% take actions within a day
Use AR, list or a map
Need content Eco system to access data or build personal data
Social networking as well with BB messenger

Frank, metaio, junaio browser
Shelley from British Museum, samsung digital discovery centre
Hype cycle
Tech trigger, peak of inflated expectations, trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment, plateau of productivity
Smartphone performanc x3 in last 18months
Metaio use image to enhance gps position
Gravity aligned feature description, Daniel kurz
Showed info about a car dashboard
Want to interact with objects, including real occlusion, use of real gravity
Cereal box games

Michelle – talk to your local galleries
Recommends Exploratorium in San Francisco, late night adult evening
Recompose layers onto paintings
Virtual sculpture, Sheffield
Franchising the Mona Lisa, shawl
Invasion of MOMA, appropriation of spaces, w graffiti , stedelijk Amsterdam
Can easily develop channels for junaio, esp if are a web developer
Ollie did optimised 3d models
No Apple phones!?
Looked at
SecondSight in schools

Still like markers, fits galleries
People try with bar code scanners, so fail there
Good for motor skills
Paper prototyping
Wearable AR workshop for teenagers this summer
Hugo barroso , Mexico, wearing markers
Junaio 10k euro licence to White label, otherwise free

Samsung, Keith Bauwise Staines
Bringing feature phone users to smartphones
eclipse based,
Tutorial videos on the website, lots of learning examples, book as well
ghost blaster game
OpenGL 1.1, powerVR from Imagine
Lots of code, to be open sourced at some point
Layer plus Wikitude
no current phones have gyro
70k downloads for a technical experiment, so putting in social features

Manfred.b re SARI image recognition toolkit. For markerless image recognition
For bada and Android
Teddy Bear app, created on a marker, but then taken off on a hand. The hand image replaces the initial marker image. Had a way of interaction with the bear.
Picture on wall switches to a video

Also available for Win32 ? SLAM based

Cross platform
Play Nicely, Bristol?
Everyone wants to see themselves with a brand
User generated markers more prevalent with mobile
Total immersion/ARtoolkit/metaio/FLARtoolkit/SLARtoolkit
D’Fusion star trek example – markerless tracking

Chat w Frank
Recognise tv programme
Overlay data
Early map decision, pointing which way?
Salzburg research
3d models, cities, occlusions
GML – don’t get height
XAPI – unreliable, but more specific
Convert 3d to open GL ES to UTM coords to depth buffer to AR image
Models – point, line, surface, building
Analysis, GPS overview, map matching, image processing
Detect edges, match to model
Adjust progressively
Canny edge detector, line detect w Hough transformation, return screen coords

uses classical half transform, (probabilistic?)
generalised half transform?

Tom wood, jan warnstam. From kudan in UK
From Japan AR toolkit, really cheap sdk engine
Markerless, feature points, contour tracking, ID markers
Built for mobile
Rendering engine agnostic but ships with it’s own
Colada models
Building worlds in Wikitude
Could do similar to Google map, w locations,
KML, google maps – make map – add place marks – Link gives map, but add with output=kml
ARML, based on KML w extra tags
Web service – dynamic content – there’s a PDF of the spec, for ARML services
Hoppala – third party web service

Competes w Google Goggles?
Wikitude Drive?

Frank, metaio, junaio
Free, image tracking, geolocation, api

Location based channels
Indoor channels w LLA
Our web server generates XML points of interest, icons, images
Can remove based on an event, click etc sends request to server
Can send POIs one at a time, for quick start
Can generate QR for your channel download

Nadeem Rashid,, indoor applications to get lat/long
Scan floor markers to set position, plusminus 30cm
Put in angle distance for each poi, use normal device to calculate this

Holition demo, Adrian
Work with Inition.
Tissot watches 83% sales increase
At Harrods, touchscreen also
Want to make measurements of some types, find return on investment

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