GoogleIO conference with Arduino

Interesting tio see what the direction that Google is going. Lots of Android with the upcoming Honeycomb tablet version, but not much TV this year. They have been pressured by the networks, who are not too keen to give them any access to their content. Samsung and SMART TV will still have some sort of chance of survival in this case.

Chrome box looks good. If that has a decent graphics hardware base, we could find it cheap enough for connected screen displays.

One thing that I found really interesting, (but not sure how practical) was the android accessory development kit. It’s based on an Arduino, which I’ve been playing around with using node.js. I’ve not had the time to do much more than the usual Hello World of blinking lights, but it should give a real boost to the Arduino guys. Well done to them for all their efforts.

All the usual videos are here,

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