Social TV conference

Went down to the Social TV conference at Olympia this week. I didn’t have time for a full visit, but just wanted to note it down for entry into next years diary. It is a relatively small event, so easily handled, around a couple of dozen exhibitors. I didn’t get to the conference sessions, but found there were a few workshops on Facebook ROI that were useful. The TV aspects were looking at how to get treaming sites together with other content but you get the feeling that the social side has really only been tacked on at the edges. It will surely improve as the year goes by. Brightcove were there, as usual. They have settled on a range of price packages to allow people to dip their toe in the water easily. The other interesting addition was ooyala ; well worth a chat as they seem to have some new views on analytics and weren’t trying to do everything. They were quite happy to link with others such as Monterosa who showed some good interactive streaming web sites and seemed to have more of a hadle on what data (social or otherwise) was needed behind the scenes.

The Facebook sessions I found interesting because I tend to connect in business with Twitter or LinkedIn. I keep Facebook for family interaction. Lots of people are doing otherwise. There are 400m people out there so it’s a big crowd if you can influence it. THere are a few firms springing up now with the expertise (or maybe only the experience) of making the stats work for your company. NudgeLondon gave an interesting session – the quoted 231m hours per month of people on Facebook. Phenomenal. It has just moved above Google on the charts for the first time, this month. The average Facebook user spends 3 minutes on there. Measuring the performance though is a combination of searches across both Facebook and the other leading social sites, twitter, Google etc. They suggested, kontagent, webtrends and n-stats (?) as useful utilities.

A guy from SocialTalk then gave a good talk about the way that they measure the returns of advertising in Facebook. They sounded sensible, take a look at their SocailTrac tool. Terms such as earned value, viral growth, getting people to interact for some benefit seems to be the new way to go, but you need to have some consistent way to measure some of these returns. They also mentioned the Radian6 tools. Regional is a new trend; regional fan pages, regional office pages etc.

Katy Howell (?) of Immediate Future gave an interesting talk both days. She showed the experience of being in this area for a while. She talked about going beyond the platform and being involved in areas outside the obvious product web site. It’s hard to see where the value is; the uinfluence is not uniform as with other advertising media. Real time search can give instant feedback and so we could allow for instant changes of course as a launch is being carried out and to direct these actions to a more finely grained audience. Everyone should know about social, but you must focus in on those who will become the evangelists, the ones that will grow and add value to the story. Tap into their passion. Find new stories.

Vype showed live tv on facebook; also there Yomego, Bango, and even NDS doing some social stuff.


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