Just a quick look at Windows Live Writer

This is a quick post using Live Writer, which I hadn’t seen before. I shall just do a quick note and then add a couple of pictures. I hope that I might use this to make uploading pictures easier and I may try it internally on the Sharepoint site blog. Let’s see how easy it is. I didn’t download the whole bunch of Live utiities as I’m on Vista with this machine, so I don’t want to break anything in use at the moment.

This is my son’s current guitar collection. The white one is an Ibanez, with a signature of Paul Gilbert on the neck. I think the Jackson soloist is my favourite, but the ESP looks great as it’s a bit slimmer. He also has another ‘Shattered Glass’ soloist with a Floyd Rose bridge but wants to sell that one (£1k if you have money left over from Christmas!)

Let’s see how this appears on the site.

Well it was easy enough but all the pictures are uploaded to Windows Live site, so I needed to use my Live id to login. They were big pictures (thanks to these modern cameras), so they took a minute or two to upload, but it was painless for me. Problem is that they now take the user to a Windows Live page to view them. There’s no gallery type javascript plugin to view them as a pop up window, even though they are in an album grouping.  They also seem to have a limit on the size which doesn’t show the guitars off to their best.

I might stick to the old way of doing things. I shall try and add a video here later, to see how that is handled and maybe a plugin to add code segments. This edit was published easily. It knows just what to do with any changes. Easy but not to my desired format. I might look at it more for the coding side and links to sharepoint using the plugins at http://gallery.live.com/default.aspx?pl=8. Could be a quick solution for the code type blogs.


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