Normal texture maps for away3d

With a view to being on the Away3D seminar for a couple of days, I decided to look at making a normal map. I use 3dsMax and quickly found a tutorial at

Did all the modelling parts. All OK except for no display in the viewport. Couldn’t find the checkbox. I’ll have another look later.

To add from Photoshop layer, downloaded the nvidia Photoshop plugin from Then appears as a filter.

Went to the Feeling software site,,com_docman/Itemid,80/lang,en/
where I could download the plugin to allow me to dump out the collada dae model from Max.
It told me to download the nvidia cg software first, so

That installed OK and also … saw that the book CGTutorial is now fully available online as a series of web pages. If you’re into that You’ll find it useful, I think.

Install didn’t work because I have 2009, not 9. Tried to copy the whole directory to ‘3ds Max 9’ etc but no success. Install still fell over. I need to compile (!) and install manually.

Maybe I’ll try later, as I only have a cube to do. I’ll do it using the built in Autodesk DAE exporter. Need to adjust the UV mapping parameters. Not bad for a six polygon object tho’.


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