Ubuntu with Nintendo

I thought that we should have a bit of a look at Ubuntu while waiting for a Pandora, so I suggested putting it on an oldlaptop. My soon seemed keen so we had a go. I could look forward to hours of command line agonies as we set it all up…..how wrong I was. My memories of Red Hat just melted away shortly after we put the install CD in the drive.

The system installed soooo easily. I was really surprised. Install and reboot, answer a couple of questions and the laptop booted up into a windowed operating system. I was expecting command line, but got something much, much easier. The filing system was almost like MS Windows and just as easy to copy files around in. The network was just there straight away. What a bonus!

So, if it’s that easy, lets do something a bit more difficult. Where’s that Nintendo emulator? I decided to leave it until the next day; it was getting late. But by the time I arrived home, my son had downloaded the emulator and found a few shell commands to install it. A ROM or two later and the game was on; Mario was running across the screen. Son and daughter were almost fighting over the old laptop, while the dual quad PC with 22 inch screen was sitting redundant in the corner.

Ignore the good PC when you have a Nintendo emulator

I can’t wait to see the new machine….more on that later.

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