Scrum down

Just a few notes from Neil Middleton of Monochrome and Dan Thomas of Moov2. Talking about scrum techniques and types of team members.

  • Tech lead
  • User Experience Expert who knows Photoshop, Flash, UI, Understands the user and understands Flex
  • Think outside player who knows XHTML, CSS, javascript, server side, database, 3rd party integration, event gateways
  • Mr Quality who does the Unit testing, Integration test, regression testing, User testing
  • Project owner (suit) can see the scope, definition, deals with el Cliento (the devil)
  • Scrum Master knows the resources, monitors time/elocity, checks for all materials/tools and checks the efficiency.
  • Has to be Time and Materials, not Fixed cost.

    There is no change control, you just add things to the pile, the project backlog.

    The scrum has a project backlog; at the start of the cycle, add some of these to the sprint backlog (bitesize chunks of project) with an estimate of hours required to do each; each sprint has a daily talk to look for problems and solutions; there is a delivered increment at the end of the week. The work items are estimated in hours and the number done will show the velocity for the team or the players.
    After the sprint, have a discussion about what needs to be changed/improved.

    Their teams approx have 3 Flex, 2 ColdFusion, 1 Photoshop/Flash, 1 Test a Scrum master and a Suit.

    Agile documentation means any more than the minimum is waste. Kevin suggested AsDoc ( although can only be used within Script tags when writing components)

    Focus on producing workng software on every iteration, communicate daily, simplicity. Be open to change. Rapid continuous delivery.

    Maybe look at Flex Unit. Dominic suggested QTP. When I googled this it came up with Quality Tractor Parts. Maybe that’s what we need. Neil uses these techniques with both .Net/Silverlight and Flex.

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