WordPress unplugged and open.

I’m amazed at how far WordPress has evolved. I use this WordPress free blog feature and have been doing so for a few year, but recently someone suggested using WordPress for project management. I immediately thought that, no, they need a CMS like Joomla, or Drupal with a blog built in and database connections; then I thought of using iGoogle with all the widgets and plugins that it has. When you need to put a mash up together then NetVibes and iGoogle are extremely flexible and have been around for a while.

However, let’s not keep a closed mind. I wondered if I could bring my to do list into WordPress as easily as I do into iGoogle. Incidentally, do look at the RememberTheMilk.com as a great to do list handler. It has all the tagging I need to search my multiple todo lists and bring out only those items that are important right now. It can share a list with other users and groups, so that everyone can handle the tasks and it just plugs into iGoogle or other sites via the RSS feeds. Really neat. I’ve been using it for a while now. When my daughter upgraded her iPhone to the 3G version, I was left with the decision of whether to buy the old one from her. The secondhand prices on eBay are so expensive, but I cannot remember who paid for it in the first place, so she has me over a barrel. I thought that I’d try it for a while and the web version of RTM works a treat. No native version yet, but maybe I can do something about that. I’ve been connecting to the RTM API to make sure that I can backup my lists. I’ve really committed to the system, now that I have an XML backup, and my paper pile is gradually dwindling. I’d like to write a couple of iPhone apps so I shall start with a time management app and maybe connect to the to do list.

But I drift off topic. I looked at some of the WordPress plugins and find that there are now thousands. In my day it was a few themes. Nowadays, every package has to be able to do evertything. I am enthused with mash-ups at the moment and this will give me a total distraction for a while. Looking at some of the sites examples I found deliciousdays who made the cForms plugin. What a tasteful site! Very pretty. The RSS feed syndication in WordPress is now so flexible. You can get plugins that will display in a form that’s nothing like an RSS feed. Picture with comments, Counts of items, History etc etc. I feel that I am being drawn in to the WordPress 2.0 world of AJAXified posting and drag-and-drop widgets. Better not go too far and have to choose between JQuery or Prototype though. Life is too short.

If you haven’t looked at the WordPress plugins recently, brighten up your blog at the plugins page.


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