iPhone attempts

Well I’ve been struggling to read all the developer content that Apple put on their site, about XCode, Objective C, the iPhone internals, touch and multitouch. There is an inordinate amount of material and I was starting to think that it might be too much. I’ve put together one or two small programs that compile; mainly by hand and cut and paste. They seem to work in the simulator.

Then I found an excellent tutorial site called iPhoneDevCentral run by nitrix88 and friends, which is full of video tutorials, some easy and some complex. Either way tho’, they are easy to listen to, they don’t move too quickly, and the basic ones really do step you through the code for a quick HelloWorld application. Just watching them points out things that have been added to the SDK since the beta version; things that I might not have noticed otherwise. Life is so much easier now that Interface Builder is so integrated.

Really recommend that you have a look.

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