Apollo arrives

Well, the long awaited Apollo has now arrived in alpha form. I shall be interested to see whether it lives up to its initial hype. We had a go with the WPF dotNet extension and that looks pretty cool. Trouble is that there’s a lot of learning to do, to get your head around all the Visual Studio environment. I’m sure that it will take off but it will be some time before the large corporates have Vista on their desktop so it will need a special instal of WPF when you install the app. WPF/E, although a cut down version, might be the one to bring more pressure to bear on Adobe and the Flash player. It should be a small download of 1Mb and installs without user intervention. However, Apollo will compete for sure with the dominance of Flash. eBay is one of the sites being quoted as developing a desktop version. I’m sure that there will be many others.

Apollo alpha

Let’s download it and have a play. There’s a lot of documentation, around 13Mb, and the sdk another 18Mb. But the biggest download is the extension for the Flex2 environment, at 40Mb….wow! Better go and have a look.


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