Sony Playstation

Had the chance to have a look at the new Playstation 3 this weekend. Sony needed to get some market reaction from users of other systems and we were at the right place, at the right time to borrow the box and have a go.

They gave us Genji, MotorStorm, Resistance:Fall of Man and the old favourite Ridge Racer, now version seven. I remember playing the original RidgeRacer in the arcades and the track looks very familiar but with a huge amount of increase in quality. The graphics are excellent for this initial release and I’m sure they will improve on later games. Are they better than the Xbox? I think that recent games on the Xbox show almost the same quality, but maybe that is coming to its limits. I probably need to connect up to a true high definition display to see the system at its best.

The cable to the remote seemed a bit short until we realised that it was only for recharging. The console has wireless controllers, Bluetooth I think. It seemed to work well and they have a tilt detection switch inside for an extra level of control. This means that by tilting the controller one way or the other, the user can steer vehicles in the Motor Storm game ( an updated , uprated BigDirtMover type of race game) I loved the preview movie for this game and the production was similarly good. So much attention to detail, with motion blur, dust effects, tremendous crashes and good sound.

My son seemd to enjoy the Resistance game, but I didn’t see that one. He’s more into the first person shooters that I ever will be, this time with aliens as well as soldiers. Good graphics, good sound, good game by the sound of it.

Playstation 3 runs cooler than the Xbox, but is a bit larger. Shiny and black, with touch controls and a slot for the disc. Looks great to me. Pity we have such a huge investment in the Xbox. I do get fed up with the noisy, hot Xbox but I doubt that we’ll find the money for another games console for a while.


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