Sky design at Adobe evening

I went into town, (London, Soho) to hear some of the Sky designers giving a talk at the monthly user group held by Adobe. It’s held at the Curzon Cinema on the last Tuesday of each month and usually has a sprinkling of users from the poorer student types right up to some very cool designers in creative agencies. Ther’s usually something learnt by either listening to the talks or by chatting to the crowd. I try and get down there every few months. Run by Brigitte and Michael O’Neill, they usually like you to register beforehand but it’s worth a beer from Adobe.

I went down to see how the Sky team would do. Mark, Mark, Andy and Paul talked through the making of the Premiership Plus football title sequence. It’s the sequence with gold footballers with golden balls in a swirling gold liquid. The design ideas came from some older Nike and Pepsi ad’s with a few other inspirational ideas. The footballers were shot in a motion capture suite at Artem in Perivale; a couple of players from the Brentford team threw themselves around the floor for most of a day while covered in white table tennis balls. I was interested enough to go down there and have a look at what they can do. The motion control cameras are spread around a large warehouse type building. The footballs were flying around at speed, so it was quite dangerous at times. A lot of data was collected and had to be sifted through. They charge by the amount of data used, so it’s like having rushes and editing the best clips. The moves (swarms of dots) have to be viewed to see what might be useful and you need an eye and imagination to see the possibilities.

Once they had the moves in the can, Andy the 3D guy, used XSI to model the textures and match the paths. I forget the software that was used to create the splashes. I’ll try and edit it in later.AfterEffects s their software of choice to do the compositing. It looks great but I’d be interested in knowing how much it cost. Not cheap, that’s for sure.

Interesting evening, as usual.


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