media wiki

I setup a wiki for the first time today. I used just the standard mediaWiki download on a Windows box, under PHP. Not difficult at all. I’m not sure if it will be adequate for our needs as we need to bring in more data from outside databases to keep everything up to date. It almost feels a bit like the early web days with very basic editing facilities and secret codes to know how to display images, bold text, links etc. Easy enough though. I shall be interested to see how it grows. I have the feeleing that these sites that allow organic growth by their users just turn into the sort of shared desktop experience. Everyone puts things where they would like to have them, names the pages in different ways and the whole site loses its stucture and with that, its ability to be anything useful.

We need to make it easy, but with sensible defaults for the underlying structure. Perhaps I should look at some of the wiki packages that are easy to extend, so that we can tie it into our other automated systems.


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