out with eTribes

I went out without a computer again the other night. Forcing myself to network. Enjoyed it most of the evening, but got stuck with one of those people who go on and on for a while. Who was there this time? An interesting panel – the big ( head? body? hearted? ) man Marc Canter must have shares in eTribes. He was there again promoting his social networking software. Stephen Sokols, vice President of something at BT was there to show how they were going to dominate the world. They are bringing out their own desktop competitor with BTConnect. It’s in beta apparently. I’d like to see it. It’s bound to be popular if only because it will go with the BT apckage. Lastly (apart from the eTribes folk) there was Tariq from netVibes. He talked well and the others seemed to have respect. His site has grown so quickly from a simple newsreader handler.

Marc Canters software is now announced and ready to use. You can download it from the PeopleAggregator site. They’ve obviously done a lot of work on this, using the OpenLaszlo system apparently. It looks good and works well, but I get the feeling from looking at the samples, that they are magnetized to the same three column look that is so common in web sites. I can’t see where the flexibility will come from. I should look more at the OpenLaszlo system. It’s free now, largely because of the release of Adobe Flex. They will rely on support and consultancy for their income. Looking at the software it looks so far away from html. How can some of these things be done? By knowing CSS standards and how to control the browser.

I enjoyed listening to Tariq. He’s been around a while and I shall expect to hear more in the future. His system sounded interesting and I’m definitely going to have a look at the plugin system that they use. How hard can it be….?


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