eTribes mashup

Forced myself away from the machine to go networking again. I went to another of the eTrbes mashups, as it promised to tell us all about Social Networking. Marc Canter was there again pushing his Digital Lifestyle Aggregator theme, loudly as usual (but interesting). BT had Stephen Stokols showing off the yet to be announced BTConnect desktop. Similar to netVibes with plugins for various facilities. The email feature seemed to be able to take a number of different suppliers, so it was a bit better than Google’s which only allows GMail. Also the IM messaging seemed more flexible with a Jabber protocol. It should be able to talk to quite a few different systems. BT will obviously make a hole in the market with this, as they have a good customer base and it looks easy to set up and use. Tariq was there to give the netVibes angle. He talked well and was very upbeat despite all the big players entering his field. I’m sure we shall see new developments from them. I should look at how to produce a plugin for their system and the others.

Marc was showing off his DLA/Social networking system. They’ve build this up using the Open Laszlo system and from what I’ve seen of that I’m quite impressed. However, the system that they are offering, from Broadband Mechanics just looks as though it is a standard three column templated content management system. It didn’t look as exciting as it sounded – quite a disappointment really. I was expecting more.


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