Ventuz win

We had some good news this week. We’ve been trying to get to grips with some new presentation software from Dubai, called Ventuz. It is largely aimed at corporate presentations, as a 3D alternative to Powerpoint. The 3D is fantastic and will generate DirectX graphics under Windows XP. (Windows only, I’m afraid) What was interesting to us is the programming interface which is very comprehensive. It can do simple scripted operations itself or it can accept C# scripts in the Professional version. It can handle various information feeds automatically from Excel, RSS, Midi, serial port, http and several others. It looks very complete and is being actively developed.

The good news for us was that we came fifth in their recent Demo competition. We created a scene to display information from the World Cup, taking in web pages as textures, RSS headline feeds and web service XML data. All of this information was brought into the scene and then the different displays were selected by the user, with animation between the various states.

We shall continue to work with this software, so more in the future…

Ventuz logo


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