Broadcast technology

Been to the Broadcast Live show today. Not a huge amount of excitement. Is this exhibition getting smaller? It seems to be. Sometimes I think that there is more TV at the Internet shows. So we did see one or two things. On the Miranda stand there was a programmer friendly character generator. 2D in the main but it could run animations. It is very scriptable, with some object oriented techiques as well. We have all the other chargens so one more wouldn’t hurt. It also plums into the transmission automation as well, so could do quite well instead of Inscriber for the Interactive suites.

Also on the Miranda stand was a small box called the DVI-Ramp2. This is a second version of a box which can take a section of a PC screen DVI output and put it to either an SD or HD video channel. It could also take a second window on the screen and output it to the alpha channel. Looked interesting. Ventuz can apparently use this in their Broadcast version. I’d like to see it in practice.

An alternative would be the Blackmagic designs Multibridge extreme. This is an interesting combination of a very small PCI Express interface card for the PC and an external interface to the HD and SD signals. Audio is taken care of with embedded sound or standard audio connectors. This would be a solution in both directions as the card acts as a live source and display when using the Adobe packages.


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