Eyeon Fusion 5

Went to the Slug and Lettuce with Nigel Richards to look at their latest demo. Eyeon have release the new major version of their Fusion software. I’ve looked at it for many years without buying, but this version may cause me to go that extra mile. It now has 3D, various colour resolutions and (soon) a Linux version.

Fusion 5 is a visual node-based compositing system but it also has a scripting engine built in. This latest version has a real 3D environment with camera/lights support for leading 3D packages and also a powerful 3D particle system. The particles are 2D image sequences that are aligned to the camera and they work well, with lots of creative options. It can use the 3D hardware to accelerate some of the 3D options, and possible the 2D also. The colour may be processed in 8 bit, 16 bit integer as well as 16-bit and 32-bit floating point, but what I liked is the ability to have separate 8-bit and 16-bit timelines within the same project. It is so easy to go from 16 to 8-bit if you don’t need the resolution.

Colour matching looked good and the image tracking seemed to be up to what everyone else has. There is HD/Film/whatever resolution you want, all with the correct pixel aspect rations. This could take a bit of power to render, but there is a dispersed rendering system as well.

It looks as good as Nuke, now that it has the 3D, but even the 2D looked as though it had useful functionality. Linux will be an improvemnet when it comes. I must find a project with the budget to do something with this.


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