eTribes mashup

I went to a networking event this week. Not something that I normally do. I usually prefer the company of my PC. Forced myself tho’ and had an interesting time. The theme was “Web 2.0” and I thought that splashing out some cash for a glass of wine to listen to some ‘gurus’ might be worth it. if you want to see what they are up to.

 This is the second event they have held and there were some clever people there. Marc Canter, the original MacroMind creator was larger than life. I hadn’t heard of him for years. He is very into Social Networking and is about to announce some new, free software to use. The DLA, a digital lifestyle aggregator is a term he coined. Should be worth looking at while I look at CMS systems. Jamie Kantrovitz of mySpace should have had something to say but she seemed to have a very commercial aspect on the site. The money was being made and advertising was flourishing so the negative aspects were brushed under the carpet a little. She got some flak for not allowing people to delete their information easily. Watch this space. The guys from CNET are now paying people to blog and comment on stories and some of their users are making money. This could be something that I could do (?)

If you’d like more info on Marc’s software, keep an eye on his Broadband Mechanics website. The software is being written in Laszlo, so I shall have to investigate further.

There was also a guy from Ning in the crowd. They also have some social networking software available now. It can be programmed to produced other applications, but the mainstay seems to be the usual blog, picture gallery, members discussion and messaging etc. All supported by ads. Not sure that I’d want all that, but the programming system seemed to be easy to use. Another investigation topic added to the list.


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