Take a break

For once we have taken some family time. We have stolen the children away from school to get them onto skies for the first time. An EasyJet flight to Toulouse was a start. A night time drive to find Frances’ place in Beauchalot, in the South of France. It’s a delightful bed and breakfast owned by a charming english woman who runs art and ceramics holiday classes. Have a look at francesceramics if you’d be interested. We stayed there last year when I was allowed a weekend away with the boys from the office. Just as good this time, good weather, sunny but still snow, delicious home cooking and a relaxing house altogether. The glasses of wine in front of a very large log fire just brings warmth right through.

The ski slopes are an hours drive away in all directions, so we sampled three different slopes. They are local resorts, so not many tourists. We were out of school holidays as well, which helped to keep the crowds down. The kids did well. They’d been on the Milton Keynes SnowDome for a weekend or two, but quickly adapted to having long pistes and high slopes around them. Blue runs were normally our choice and we made good progress. On the final day, though, the blue run was closed for lack of people (we were there with only a few dozen others on the slopes ) so we were forced to the upper green slopes. It seemed high for them at the start, but after one slow run down they were off. We had to ski hard to keep up. It was breathtaking scenery and being with the children showed me what life should be like. If only it could be every day.


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