deep into dotNet at DevWeek

We had a good week at the Business Design Centre in Islington for the usual DevWeek conference last week. Dot net version two looks as though its going to be far easier to produce standard functions that before. Microsoft have added lots of new classes to help you. The login/authorization schemes look easy, serial port comms are better, graphics framework has had a boost and will get even more in the future.

Not too much detail, but enjoyed Jeff Prosise most, as usual, in anything that he talked about. He talked through the new login terminology and that looked simle. Building web forms was similarly improved. He also talked about how to cache things properly and performance in general. Mike Pelton took us through DirectX 9. I should really have a look at this. I’m sure itwould be simple to take some of the sport clock functions and put them into 3D formats. Dave Wheeler did a good job with a look at the upcoming Windows Presentation Foundation, the graphics interface coming with Vista. It looks neat, but I’m not sure whether users want the 3D buttons turning around all over the screen. Programmers design skill are not known for limiting the interface to subtle effects. I dread to se what will come from this, but I’m sure WE could use it properly.

As usual, a long, hard but inspirational week.

A link to one of Jeff’s web instructional pieces is at,


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