More high tech rumblings

A path through the jungle
More high tech rumblings this weekend. The usual suspects are all trying to round up the available technology, and to find a way to make a profit out of what they have.

Microsoft have pulled out the domain…how much did that cost? and did whoever sold it realise that Microsoft were buying it? It looks like Google in that it has plenty of white space, there are ad’s on the right. Blogging and email as well. How did they get the idea. Everything seems to be moving into a browser interface, it seems. As the technology moves on, the devices will get smaller, or phones will get bigger and the connection to the portal would seem to be what they are all fighting for. Content is King? Maybe not. Content might just be yet another minor reason for goint to the site.

Talking of content… Yahoo! have now linked up with TiVo to allow their content to be downloaded to the TiVo box.They have linked up with Google to put the Google content on to mobile phopnes and similar devices. Google Maps and then Google Local will be the first to move across. Phones that support Java software will be able to download the Google Local application. From there, they can conduct searches for businesses or services in a specific geographical location and view the search results plotted on a map. Is this app a browser, or is is Google/Yahoo’s own version? Lookout Firefox? Maybe Yahoo will have it built into the Nokia Yahoo mobile phone.

Location services will become important and should pull the rug from all the directories out there, including easyindex. They seem to be sticking with Yellow Pages to provide the data. Perhaps there’s an opening to provide web ad’s to a mobile device. Build ad’s automatically? The big players get bigger and competition becomes harder, or more expensive at least.

TiVo might make a comeback then. We need a clever recorder that can listen to IP messges to make it do what it is told. The new Sky box can somehow get content from the internet as well. They should be competing products. Depends when it comes out, and at what price. The current Sky+ box has only just turned a million users. Doubled in a year tho’. TiVo will now allow content from Yahoo to be downloaded on their box. You need a Yahoo email to connect. They are also looking at producing a search engine that will allow users to search the internet for video content, and download form there. Maybe the equivalent of open access iTunes, where the iTunes are just pointers to the real content. RSS versions anyone?

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